Pre-Operative Physical Therapy

The benefits of physical therapy after surgery are well known. Compliance with a well-designed physical therapy routine can help reduce the development of scar tissue around the incision and help a person recover faster and get back to normal activities. Physical therapy before surgery is a little harder to understand, but research has proven that […]

Physical Therapy for Foot Pain

Foot pain can happen for a number of reasons, but whatever the cause, it can make it difficult to walk and interfere with your quality of life. At Avant Garde Physical Therapy in New York City, we have developed a treatment for foot pain to help, quite literally, get you back on your feet. What Causes Foot […]

Managing Muscle and Joint Pain with Aqua Therapy

Muscle and joint pain can have a wide array of causes and can be both acute and chronic. Physical therapy is an essential part of the healing process after surgery, and injury, or for issues causing chronic pain or loss of function. If you are searching for a physical therapist using the “Find a physical […]

Post-Operative Care

Facing surgery can be a frightening experience for many, but working closely with your surgeon and your physical therapy team can help you know what to expect both pre and post-op. A physical therapy plan to help you prepare for surgery and to help you throughout your recovery is proven to provide a better outcome […]

Maintaining Your Physical Therapy Routine at Home

Physical therapy is essential to help recover from a serious injury, improve upon a disability or chronic condition, or to help recuperate from surgery. Professional physical therapy in NYC aims to help individuals rebuild strength, improve mobility, and prevent future injuries. Physical therapy typically involves visiting a professional on a recurring basis (depending on the severity […]