Our Office

Our newly designed space was curated with the patient in mind! Creating a space that encourages comfort and stillness, while offering solutions for mobility and strength, it is our belief that our patients benefit from an environment that offers both ambience and practicality.

State of the Art Equipment

The Alter G Treadmill, originally developed for NASA astronauts to combat bone and muscle loss, utilizes NASA’s Differential Air Pressure technology to reduce the gravitational impact and forces during daily activities by creating a pressurized lifting force. This allows an individual to walk, run, or exercise at 20-100% in precise 1% increments of their body weight, creating a controlled and supported environment without compromising natural movement mechanics. Furthermore, the state of the art treadmill is equipped with a front view camera allowing for both licensed physical therapist and patient to analyze gait mechanics to address any movement dysfunction and discoordination. Having been particularly useful for post-op rehabilitation, neurological disorders, and return to sport athletes, the treadmill is a one-of-a-kind tool in restoring early return to ambulation for all populations.