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Our mission

From the moment you connect with Avant-Garde Physical Therapy, you are at the center of all we do. Improving your well-being is the fundamental foundation of our practice. We deliver the highest level of one-on-one care, connectivity, transparency, attentiveness to you and your needs, and teach long term solutions that continue beyond your treatment. Our constant thirst of knowledge for the most effective techniques and treatments, our core belief of respectfulness, our acknowledgement of the trust you place with us, is what drives every aspect of Avant-Garde Physical Therapy.


Avant-Garde Physical Therapy consists of its Founder and Owner, Dr. Jonas Bjune, PT, DPT, Cert. DN. Dr. Bjune is an independent New York State licensed Physical Therapist. He currently works at different locations in the city to make the treatment as accessible and convenient as possible to his patients.


Manual therapy is a vital part of Physical Therapy to manage pain and correct and optimize function. Dr. Bjune is a highly skilled Manual Therapist with years of experience in treating, correcting and managing musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction with the use of manual therapy techniques. Adjusting your soft tissue and joints take skill and practice, but with a varied arsenal of techniques and approaches, you will achieve results that lasts. 

Headed for surgery? We are here to help. We know how to prepare you for your surgery and to ensure your post-op rehab is well managed. More and more evidence is being published describing the benefits of pre-op Physical Therapy. Pre-op Physical Therapy may reduce surgical complications and improve the post-op rehabilitation. Post op care can be complicated and we have the competence, knowledge and experience to manage your post-op case. We work closely with your surgeon to ensure we’re on the same road to your recovery.

We are proud to offer pelvic floor physical therapy here at Avant-Garde Physical Therapy. Pelvic floor physical therapy is a highly specialized field helping men and women with their pelvic floor health. This field has increasingly strong evidence backed research paving the way to further understand and help a variety of different pain and movement dysfunctions.

Sports injury
Acute, subacute and chronic pain
Neuromuscular disorders i.e. stroke, MS, PD
Cancer management

In the 21st century we are able to bring ultrasound imaging you. With technology available in 2020, we have portable wireless ultrasound equipment which enables us to effortlessly image your musculoskeletal injuries live on screen for you to see, without radiation or waiting for your results.

Aqua Therapy can be a great treatment option for you and your needs. The pool provides a supported atmosphere with support for your joints and muscles. This environment provides a unique opportunity to promote movement and exercise, without adding excess strain on your body.

With Avant-Garde Physical Therapy, you can choose to be treated in the comfort of your own home. Avant-Garde Physical Therapy will bring the equipment necessary to have a full and efficient Physical Therapy session in your home. This is a great opportunity for family and care takers to take part and get educated on the specific care you need.

During this time where social distancing is key to our continued success in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth is an effective way to receive physical therapy. Avant-Garde has the equipment, skills, and experience to best perform physical therapy through our tried and tested telehealth sessions. We ensure that you will receive the most effective treatment available to you with our expert trained therapists. Patients who are in need of our help and have moved temporarily or permanently out of the New York City area, can greatly benefit from this additional service we now offer.


“Jonas has been treating my rare neuro-muscular condition since July through a treatment plan emphasizing restored mobility, functionality, and enhanced balance. Slowly, through a sequence of table exercises and weekly aquatic therapy sessions, my strength and endurance in my legs and lower back has shown steady improvement. Throughout this process Jonas has been encouraging and supportive, and has suggested ways in which I can make progress on my own. While I have worked with many excellent physical therapists, none have had Jonas’ expertise, training, or range of abilities.”


“I have been in Physical Therapy 2-3 times a week with Dr Bjune  for the past year and he has transformed my life. I have suffered with lower back pain for many years which had left me somewhat disabled despite pain management and prior physical therapy. The combination of exercise and manual therapy has left me stronger with drastically improved posture and above all , without pain. I am a psychotherapist in private practice for decades on the upper east side and have now referred several of my patients to Dr Bjune with astonishing results. One of my patients who was walking with a cane no longer needs it. The adolescent daughter of another patient suffered for years with foot and leg pain. None of the doctors or physical therapists she saw were able to diagnose the problem and as too often happens, they concluded that her pain was psychological. Dr Bjune immediately diagnosed the source of her pain and in a relatively short time she is no longer suffering! I would unreservedly recommend Dr Bjune for anyone who is experiencing physical pain. He is an outstanding clinician and a wonderful human being”


“Jonas is always my “go to” person when I have tears in my rotator cuff, hip pain, pelvic floor issues or lower back pain. He is experienced, knowledgeable and has a wonderful manner when treating his patients. I have sent many friends to him and we’ve all had fantastic results!”


“I was fortunate to find Dr. Bjune, or Jonas as he prefers to be addressed, for physical therapy following shoulder surgery. He not only eased the pain and discomfort as he brought my shoulder back into full service, he made the process a true pleasure. His skill as a therapist is considerable, and his manner is friendly and professional. It is clear that he takes a genuine interest in his patients and their care. It is a pleasure to give Dr. Jonas Bjune the highest recommendation.”


“Dr Jonas Bjune treated me for more than a year, after a reverse shoulder replacement and a subsequent carpal tunnel release on my right arm and hand. Dr. Bjurne is highly competent, efficient, generous with his time and always caring. He listens, is attentive to specific issues and needs, and treats each patient as a priority. After experiencing 5 years of pain and discomfort with osteoarthritis, I can certainly say that he is the best physical therapist I have had.”


“There’s an old joke about a large newspaper. Their printing presses stop working one day. They call in the expert who goes up to the giant machine, taps it once with a hammer, and it starts running smoothly again. He submits a bill for $10,000. The newspaper owner, feeling that this is ridiculous, asks for an itemized bill. It comes back One Tap: $5. Knowing Where To Tap: $9,995. Jonas Bjune knows where to tap. I could go on at length about his treatments, and how I can now walk without pain, but that’s not really the important point. He KNOWS the human body, how it functions, how it fails, and, most importantly, how to set it back on a path to health. This remarkable perception – I call him the human CAT scan – combined with his passion for his work, makes him not only the best physical therapist I have ever met, but makes him better than I thought a physical therapist could possibly be.”