Post-Operative Care

Facing surgery can be a frightening experience for many, but working closely with your surgeon and your physical therapy team can help you know what to expect both pre and post-op. A physical therapy plan to help you prepare for surgery and to help you throughout your recovery is proven to provide a better outcome for patients.

Studies are continuing to show that pre and post-operative physical therapy can help patients have shorter recovery times and fewer complications from surgical procedures. Avant-Garde has the skill and knowledge to support you through the post-operative period and get you back to doing the things you love as soon as possible.

Preparing for surgery

Working in conjunction with your surgeon, we will design a physical therapy plan that helps promote muscle tone using our extensive knowledge physiology to get you into the best shape possible for surgery.

Prior to surgery, we will help you improve your strength and endurance, your range of motion, and provide education to prepare you mentally. Knowing what to expect after surgery will help you feel more confident about your recovery. Knowing that you have a team here at Avant-Garde, as well as your surgeon to help you recover as smoothly as possible is essential for your overall outlook on the surgery.

From minor day surgeries with quick recoveries to extensive operations that may require some time in the hospital, medical professionals know that your odds of doing well improve in direct relation to your physical health before surgery. We will design a customized program aimed at helping you be as healthy as possible before your surgery.

Post-operative care and maintenance

After surgery, when your surgeon releases you to return to physical therapy, we will do an extensive evaluation of your physical function and work with you to establish short and long-term goals. The ultimate goal is to return you to the things in your life you were doing before your injury and surgery. Those things include recreation, work, and all the other activities you were capable of performing.

Our customized post-operative care program will help promote healing, reduce your pain, reduce inflammation, and restore mobility, strength, and flexibility. All of this will be accomplished while working closely with your surgeon to make sure we have a team approach to what is best for you.

In the post-op period, we at Avant-Garde realize it can be hard for you to arrange transportation to our facilities, so we offer the option of having us come to you in your home. We can bring the equipment needed to get you started on the road to a full recovery. One of the primary advantages of in-home treatment is that it gives your family and other caretakers a chance to receive education about the care you need and how they can help you work on your physical therapy at home.

As you continue to make progress, you will come into our facilities for more extensive strength training, including the opportunity to use aqua therapy once any incisions have healed. Aquatherapy is ideal for post-operative physical therapy as it allows you to strengthen muscles without putting undue stress on your body.

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